Bleeding India: Four Aggressors, Thousand Cuts | Binay Kumar Singh

On 15 August every year, PFI cadres dressed in uniforms similar to paramilitary organisations stage a perfectly synchronised march in cities across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The 15th August Parade is also a tactic for hiding their extremist ideology and an attempt to portray themselves as a good, nation loving and law abiding citizen group.” “On the other hand, proselytisation of innocent tribals continued unabated under the sponsorship of the colonial regime.” “It is a joint action plan and well-coordinated effort of all the four (Islamic fundamentalism, Christian evangelicals,Urban naxalism and media -NGO-human rights nexus) which forms the recipe that poses gravest threat, where one helps the other to achieve the Common Minimum Programme i.e. to bleed India”

“These elements use finance coming to them in any form, to further their agenda….not bound by national boundaries…” The activities of the PFI, the Rohingyas, the Patthalgadi in Jharkhand, or the proposed Khalistan Referendum; or even the blasts in Sri Lanka may look like disparate events, fuelled and supported by different people for different reasons. But are they? With six case studies of events in our recent history, Author Binay Kumar Singh gives a unique perspective as to how forces inimical to India’s growth and civilisational ethos work in tandem to inflict injury on her. Read the story of how Islamic fundamentalism, Christian evangelism, urban naxals and the media-NGO-human rights nexus have come together in what appears to be a common goal –to make India bleed. Are we paying heed?

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Binay Kumar Singh is an author, researcher, columnist and a regular TV panelist with realistic perspectives on national security, internal security and policy issues. His report on PFI’s (Jharkhand) anti-national agenda got it banned there and has extensively researched on Maoist-Missionary alliance, illegal cattle trade-terror nexus, coal mafia cartel, chit fund and ponzi schemes, etc.

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  1. Following Oak ji’s point of Ravan’s Lanka, is it a good thing to extrapolate that Patala loka was South America as there are various statues similar to Hanumana (Makardhwaja?) found there?

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