Bharatanatyam In Our life – #SangamTalk By Pavithra Srinivasan

“We’re all dancers,” declares Pavithra Srinivasan. Explaining how every act or emotion of ours in our day-to-day life has corresponding gestures or expressions that come naturally to us. In happiness, especially, we all dance- there will be movements. When there are movements, there is creation- — creation born out of a certain joy. Thus all aspects of the movement of the body or our expressions, correspond to dance. All that a trained dancer does differently is to present the same in a costume, and in a more structured and stylized way.

Thus, in her own unique way, Pavithra presents many aspects of our heritage in dance form, be it stories, legends, prayers, invocations, or literature. Here she brings to life a story from Panchtantra, the wedding of Shiva-Parvati and Vishnu & Lakshmi, the artistic rendering of Goswami Tulsidas’ “Thumak chalt ram Chandra” symbolizing the motherly love of Kaushalya towards Ram, and Yashoda to Krishna, excerpts from Valmiki Ramayana’s Sundar-kand, Shankaracharya’s bhaj govindam, and Swami Dayanand Sarasvati’s composition on Lord Shiva.

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