Aryan Invasion / Migration: Fact or Myth? – #SangmaTalk By Abhijit Chavda

In this talk, Abhijit Chavda examines the history, core premise and main claims of the Aryan Invasion/Migration theory. He demonstrates how multidisciplinary empirical evidence from the fields of archaeology, literature, linguistics, geology, hydrology, mythology and genetics, among others, forms a consistent, repeated and predictable pattern that debunks every iteration of this theory and instead consistently supports the Out of India theory.

He explains how a global neo-colonial nexus keeps the Aryan Invasion Myth alive via the power of propaganda, and outlines the steps India needs to take going forward in order to empower its citizens to discover their true history and heritage.

About Speaker: –

Abhijit Chavda is a theoretical physicist, technologist, and writer. His work in theoretical physics involves research on the topics of dark matter, dark energy, black hole physics, quantum gravity and physical cosmology. He has authored and co-authored several, (View More)

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