Aravalli Biodiversity Park Gurugram — Vijay Dhasmana In Conversation With Rahul Dewan

Vijay Dhasmana in conversation with Rahul Dewan. The Aravali Biodiversity Park, as its name suggests is an endeavour to create a forest garden that celebrates forest flora native to the Aravali range. We have lost a large part of Aravali range, its flora and fauna to rampant development and urbanization. The Aravali Biodiversity Park was once a mining site. The land still has fresh scars of the mining era. ‘iamgurgaon’ intends to restore this scarred land into a biodiversity reserve and celebrate the rich flora of the Aravali Range

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Shri Vijay Dhasmana is an ecological gardener who specialises in ‘rewilding’ projects that bring back natural flora and fauna into severely degraded landscapes. He is restoring the Aravali Biodiversity park in Gurugram, (View More)

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