Anti-Kine (Cow) Killing Movement 1880-1894: Retelling Indian History | Anita Dhillon Kashyap

Dharampal ji, the renowned Historian, published a book in 2002 titled ”British Origin of Cow Slaughter In India with some British documents on the Anti-Kine Killing Movement 1880-1894”. Surprisingly, this book is unavailable on the internet for viewing or purchasing.

This Talk takes you through that book and more, because retelling Indian History in its correct perspective is imperative. Indians have shied away from their culture for far too long and in fact developed a distaste for it. So much so, that now Indians suffer from a loss of ‘Cultural Identity’. Such alienation has Indians seeking refuge in different identities making India a hotbed of ‘Identity Politics’ and one of them is Cow Politics.

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