Aneesh Gokhale is currently working in merchant Navy as a navigating officer. he is an avid trekker, hiker and takes an avid interest in Indian History. He loves reading and writing.

He is the author of two books. ‘Brahmaputra – The story of Lachit Borpukhan’, is his second book. His first book ‘Sahyadris to Hindukush‘, a historical novel on rise of the Maratha Empire, was published on 2012. ‘Brahmaputra’ was launched three years later in 2015. His essays and articles have been published in English (DNA, Swarajya Magazine, Indiafacts) and in Marathi (Vadantshree).

He has been featured in Delhi’s IPPAI publication as also Asomiya Pratidin (Guwahati) and Kesri of Pune.

Sangam Talks of Aneesh Gokhale