Ancient Indic Roots of Knowledge Systems – Part II: Astronomy Heritage – A Talk By Raj Vedam

In this talk, the speaker highlights the many contributions by ancient Indic scientists and thinkers over vast periods of time, and show the understated but dramatic impact of those ideas both in the ancient world, and in contemporary times. Using selected examples from technology, medicine, music, math, astronomy and grammar, the speaker traces back modern knowledge systems to their roots in Indic knowledge, and discuss the many routes for Indic knowledge transmission.

The speaker concludes by tracing the decline and death of the Indic knowledge tradition, and why it is imperative for an educated, cultured Indic person to revive and reconnect with that tradition.

About Speaker: –

Dr. Raj Vedam, MSEE, PhDEE, works at the confluence of applied mathematics, engineering, algorithms, and computer science. Using tools of Archeo-Genetics, archeo- astronomy and archaeology, and evidence of knowledge transfers from ancient India, the speaker, (View More)

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