Anand Prasad is a corporate lawyer, based in Delhi, with more than 27 years of experience representing both domestic and international clients on a variety of legal and commercial issues within and outside India.

In late 1999/early 2000, Anand helped co-found Trilegal, which today is one of the premium law firms in India. In March, 2017 Anand left Trilegal in the hope of contributing directly to society while at the same time practicing law as an independent counsel. In this role, on a bro bono basis, Anand’s work has included (i) assisting start-ups with financial investment transactions and generally structuring/restructuring their businesses, and (ii) advising citizens from poorer sections of society on a variety of civil and criminal law issues. He has also been providing mentorship to individual lawyers and small law firms and advising them with their practice development.

Other than being a lawyer, Anand has a keen interest and spends considerable time studying ancient Indian history, including in a religo/spiritual context. In his view, defining the multiple religious/cultural traditions in India as one religion, i.e. “Hinduisim”, is a major error coming from the days of European rule in India, which continues to be perpetuated in today world. This viewpoint has been the biggest contributor to the divisions in modern Indian society. Anand has written a few articles on these and associated issues and is in the process of penning a book on the topic

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