An Analysis Of The Various Theories On The Fate Of Subhash Bose | Anuj Dhar

In this talk, Anuj Dhar, once again, tries to make sense of the waxed issue, one of the longest-running controversies of modern India and takes one through the three accepted theories about the fate of Netaji the official line being that he died in a plane crash in 1945. He examines a number of eyewitness accounts, documentary proof, and forensic evidence, to reveal the multiple inconsistencies in the official line and the conspicuous cover-up by the government (including the melting of INA’s treasure gold and being credited to Nehru’s personal account) make it hard to believe. The other two theories are that he died (or rather, was left to die in the cold snow) in Russia, and the third and the most plausible one- that of Gumnami Baba, who lived till 1985.

Dhar explores all the theories and smashes to bits, the Justice Mukherjee Commission’s cover-up of the case.

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