Amendment Of Articles 26-30 Of The Indian Constitution — A Talk By Hariprasad N (#HinduCharter)

In this very important talk, Hariprasad N highlights the need to amend Articles 26 to 30 of the Indian Constitution if Hindu community wants to thrive as a Dharmic society.

He also highlights that the subsections of these Acts are misinterpreted and it’s only the Hindu religion that suffers the most because of these Acts.

Our temples are controlled by the govt but religious institutions of other faiths are allowed to operate freely under the same constitution, because they are ‘minority’ religions in India. What is the way forward?

To restore the sense of pride among the Hindu society, Hariprasad suggests that the community should have control over schools, temples and family and that can happen only when legislature agrees to amend Articles 26-30 of the Constitution.

The talk is an eye-opener in the sense that the common Hindu is not even aware that he’s being discriminated by the same Constitution, upon which he has reposed his faith to get justice and equality.

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Hariprasad N is based out of Bangalore, and works in the Software Industry, mainly in the Cloud Computing and Virtualization domains. An alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, Hari has special interests in the areas of Spirituality, Politics and Constitutional Law. Read More…

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  1. By far i was unaware that even the Indian constitutions are also against our religion and places of worship.After watching video of Shri J Sai Deepak, i knew about this.However i still see know one has any interest.They all want Yogi or Modi to act.

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