Akaal to Khalsa: Sikh Philosophy & Other Three Indic Systems | Dr. Kapil Kapoor

Fourth of the faith systems that took form from one of the only two Knowledge Cultures of the World, the Vedic, Sikh Dharma originating with the deep meditational thought of Guru Nanak Dev ji, took, in its evolution through the ten Gurus, in response to the times a different trajectory from the other three Indic Systems – the Sanatana, the Jain and the Bauddha. To the extant that all the four systems have a shared core of human values, the Sikh Dharma while retaining the ethical materialism of the Jain and the Bauddha faiths, it remained closer to the Sanatana system in its meditational faith in nirguna Brahm. However, it went closer to the other two systems in its social philosophy. And its movement from akaal to Khalsa is a trajectory different from all the three. In a way it is the culmination of the world’s most ancient thought system, that of Inda, from the Rgveda to Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

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