Acharya Mā Archanā, or known as Maya Safira Muchtar, who is the Director of L’Ayurveda (center for wellness), has dedicated her life to Journey into Self and dissemination of promoting health and inner beauty through Ayurveda and Yoga for the last 16 years. She has the special gift of awakening hope in suffering hearts and minds and communicating directly with one’s Soul. She overcame her very traumatic past and her life totally changed after she met her spiritual Master, Anand Krishna. He introduced her to the world of Eternal Happiness through Meditation, Reiki,Yoga, Ayurveda, and other Spiritual Practices from various traditions. As an Ayurvedic/Yogic Lifestyle Counsellor, an Intuitive Medicine Practitioner/healer – an inheritance from the Ancient Sunda Shamans through her great grandmother – and a hypnotherapist instructor; she dedicates her life in healing, meditation and yoga.

She is also involved in humanitarian services, interfaith movement and has great concern for education. Ever since, that is for more than 16 years now, she has been treading the Path of Dharma, sharing the True Meaning of Life, Spiritual Healing, Wisdom, Love, Joyfulness, and Bliss.

Sangam Talks Of Acharya Mā Archanā