Abhimanyu Effect – Modern Science Arrives At Ancient Vijnana | Shri Shivakumar Shivanetra

This video on ‘Abhimanyu Effect’ gives a substantial outlook about the Golden period and how this golden period designs each and every aspect of your life even today. Omnio Future Academy, founded by Babaji Shivakumar Shivanetra, is an organisation with key focus on Education, Learning and development of people at every stage of life. Each and every offering of ours is the right blend of Ancient wisdom with modern science. All of us know Veera Abhimanyu. His courage as a young adult speaks volume of him. So is his tragic death and the learning he got during his womb journey. Lot of questions may ponder us like, why Abhimanyu as a baby in the womb learn about Chakravyuha? What are the factors that conspired to make his learning a reality? Is there similar learning happening to all of us during our womb journey? Are we entering some vyuhas in our life? What is the reason for all the repeated patterns that occur in our life?

While the entire modern world is busy watching the emotional wellbeing of the mother, physical wellbeing of baby and mother, and other factors like post pregnancy care for mother and baby, we tend to miss out on what brilliant emphasis our ancient wisdom had on Pre Perinatal sciences. Our ancient wisdom speaks about, baby in the womb as a sentient being and how this baby orchestrates the entire life of parents during its womb journey. This period of Pre – conception, pregnancy and infancy is called and is a Golden Period of life. Our ancient wisdom clearly states the importance of the Golden period and how to nurture the learning and development of the baby at the subconscious level during this period. The guidance that we get from our scripture like Garbhopanishad, Garuda purana and Garbha Gita from our ancient times, is now found out by modern sciences through there researches and the Nurturing care framework designed by WHO, World Bank and APPPAH are clear examples of this acceptance. To Know more about the why’s and how’s of events and aspects in life reach http://www.OmnioFuture.com

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