Abhijit Chavda is a theoretical physicist, technologist, and writer. His work in theoretical physics involves research on the topics of dark matter, dark energy, black hole physics, quantum gravity and physical cosmology. He has authored and co-authored several research papers on these topics. He has extensive experience in the field of information technology, having worked in diverse roles on numerous technologies and platforms.

He is also a writer and researcher of history and geopolitics. He writes articles for several publications including the Asian Age, the Deccan Chronicle, IndiaFacts, Indic Today, MyNation, OpIndia, and Swarajya. He has written several influential articles debunking the Aryan Invasion / Migration Theory on the basis of science and empirical evidence.

Abhijit is a member of the consultative group to the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. He is also a public speaker, a Youtuber, an influential tweeter at @AbhijitChavda, a TV panelist on NewsX, Republic TV and Times Now, and a regular participant in literary fests such as the Jaipur Dialogues and the Pondy Lit Fest.

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