A Review Of The Indian Constitution — A Talk by Dr. Atanu Dey

Shri. Atanu Dey covers the following points in his #SrijanTalk:

● India’s Path to Economic Prosperity: A Brief Overview.
● The Big Arc of History of Economic Growth. The story of humanity is a story of ever increasing prosperity. The pace of improvement has been accelerating at an ever-increasing rate.
● The Source of Economic Growth. The simple term “technology” is the source of all economic growth. What is technology and why does it matter for economic growth? Why is the pace of technological change accelerating?
● The Rules of the Game. The world is getting better but not all regions equally. Some were relatively more successful than others. What distinguishes the various regions of the world is the set of rules that theyfollow. Why do the rules matter?
● The Role of the Government. The various varieties of governments have differential impact on economic prosperity. What does the evidence reveal about which types succeed?
● The Constitution. The constitution is the foundational institution that sets the stage upon which the great economic game is played. What’s a good constitution?
● India. India’s economic history. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
● What are the barriers to India’s growth and how can they be overcome?

About Speaker: –

Shri. Atanu Dey is a development economist. His emphasis is on the impact of the twin factors of technology and government on economic performance. Atanu received his Ph.D. in economics at the University of California, View More…

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