A New Idea of India-Individual Rights in a Civilisational State | Harsh Madhusudan and Rajeev Mantri

The present Talk by Harsh Madhusudan and Rajeev Mantri is centered around the book “A New Idea of India – Individual Rights in a Civilisational State” by the two authors who maintain that for nearly seven decades, Indian politics has been influenced by the Nehruvian way: socialism, which in practice devolved to corruption & stagnation; pseudo-secularism; and non-alignment, which effectively translated into Communism. It is only now, in Modi’s second term, that there has emerged “A New Idea of India” beyond partisan politics breaking from old orthodoxies. Lucid in its laying out new ideas while taking a novel postion, this book illuminated by years of research by the authors as citizens and entrepreneurs. An important step in awakening Bharat Mata.

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