1989-90: Islamic Occupation of Kashmir | Lalit Ambardar

The genocidal process in Kashmir began with the arrival of medieval Islamists 700 yrs ago & their subsequent occupation of Kashmir. For a few decades in between, with the Sikh intervention followed by Dogra rule, the Kashmiri Hindus got a respite which lasted for nearly a century after which the persecution resumed, this time in an independent india, where Article 370 and 35-A allowed jinnah’s 2-nation theory to flourish in Kashmir. The final genocidal assault came in 1990 right under India’s secular watch while the world chose silence.

Lalit Ambardar strongly believes that any compromise on Kashmir is a recipe for India’s balkanization and for years, he, as an activist, has been resisting Delhi’s ‘soft’ approach to the menace of pan Islamism inspired terror infested Kashmir Jihad.

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